Book 3

Nora Lassiter has been in Silver Stream, Maine way too long. But before she heads back to New York City to look for a computer job, she needs to help two people who are still under the impression she is a "hotshot NY detective," which she definitely is not.

First, there's Marney, whose husband raided their joint bank account, and has taken up with Marney's arch enemy Beverly Sue, a ski instructor. Second, there's Margaret the librarian, who is missing something valuable, and needs to find the person responsible, possibly her second cousin once-removed, Beverly Sue.

Meanwhile, a body turns up; a movie crew begins filming in town; Nora's aunts prepare to be extras in the movie; Nora takes a skiing lesson in hopes of uncovering clues; and things heat up between Nora and Sheriff Nick.

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Book 2

Before Nora leaves the home of her extended family in Silver Stream, Maine, and returns to her apartment in New York City, she intends to take care of one minor detail. She promised Vivian she'd check into her Pomeranian problem. That won't take long, a day perhaps.

When this minor detail turns out to be major, Nora becomes involved in the hunt for a murderer. Amid mishaps and misadventures, rugged Sheriff Nick Renzo sets the air crackling between them, three beloved aunts provide moral support, and Nora learns a new skill that shocks everyone.

And yes, you will probably laugh along the way!

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Book 1

If ever a woman was not cut out for life in a backwoods town in Maine where moose roan free and people wear L.L.Bean, it is chic city woman Nora Lassiter. If ever there was a misunderstanding about what a woman does for a living, the very idea that Nora could be a "hotshot New York detective" takes the cake.

But cash-strapped Nora doesn't correct that misunderstanding when a childhood acquaintance offers to pay her to gather evidence on a cheating husband, or when her uncle becomes a prime suspect in a murder.

Mishaps abound as Nora works on both cases and meets hot sheriff Nick Renzo. There is humor in this book. You may even find yourself laughing out loud.

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